Christian Homeschooling Curriculum

There are many reasons why someone would want to home school their children with a Christian homeschooling curriculum. A lot of homeschooling programs have some of the best programs available on the market. Some may even argue they are better than traditional school because of the extreme focus being put on one child. With most Christian programs for schooling children, you may find CD-ROMS used for educating the child. The students can benefit from grade specific texts. Just like any other traditional school, the curriculum is split up into certain grade levels. Most Christian homeschooling have a strong international emphasis. Some users of these types of programs find the work challenging and advanced, which could be seen as a good thing when you want your child to learn above the common lessons that are being taught in regular school.

There are many benefits and disadvantages to using Christian homeschooling curriculums. For the advantages, the child can learn at their own speed, but at the same time challenge themselves to more advanced material. As we all know, advanced learning is important when dealing with the real world and certain workplace environments. Most of these homeschooling programs cover all grades and is focused towards preparing the student for college. Even though these are all good things dealing with homeschooling, there are some disadvantages that should also be considered. For one, the student may become easily distracted at home than they would in a more traditional setting. Television, video games and interruptions are some challenges a child may face when being taught at home. Also, if the child does not grasp the material, they might need outside help. Sometimes, children may need a live tutor to help them besides a CD-ROM or computer based learning curriculum.

Christian homeschooling curriculums vary in cost, depending on the program and the specifics of the learning plans. Some programs charge on a monthly basis, which parents find more affordable and reasonable. I have seen some that only cost $100 a month, which seems like a reasonable price for students or guardians looking to school their children at home. However, if the child will need extra help for grasping the material, they may need an outside tutor or teacher to walk them through the learning plans. This can add on to the initial cost as another expense.

Accredited K-12 Homeschooling

Whether you look at online learning from the aspect of cost, convenience or even feasibility, it scores over traditional schooling on all counts. That is exactly what makes online home schooling such a great option for students and parents as well. They have the flexibility they require and also have access to a perfectly economical alternative that caters to their educational needs as well. More than just being cost effective, online home schooling also offers students many more options in terms of courses and electives they can opt for. Traditional schooling systems, however, have certain limitations concerning these areas and tend to throw up a lot more obstacles rather than offer viable solutions. Given the current circumstances, it only seems logical that alternative solutions that work need to be implemented at the earliest.


Online K-12 courses offer students a number of options to choose from. The greatest thing about being able to access your coursework online is that you can do it from practically anywhere and at any time. All you need to do is get your hands on a computer that has access to the Internet. Completion and submission of coursework too, can be done completely online, which certainly makes things a whole lot easier. This definitely offers a more comprehensive solution to address the urgent need for development of skills across the country. Moreover, getting your high school diploma from an accredited online high school in the country will certainly boost your chances of employment. Here are just a few reasons whyyou should think about earning your high school diploma from an accredited online school like Forest Trail Academy.


For starters, we’re one of the renowned accredited online high schools in the country. Forest Trail Academy is fully accredited and is registered with the Florida Department of Education. Moreover, our school is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), and is also nationally accredited and a member of National Association of Private & Home Schools (N.A.P.H.S.). Our student testimonials are evidence enough of the quality of education we offer your children and the success rates we’ve witnessed over the past years. We provide our students with a full curriculum that has been aligned and articulated to the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.


But that’s not all. In addition to  courses, we also offer you courses for middle school and elementary school as well. We’re also the first online school in the country to have launched an online demo facility that allows you a preview of what it’s like to study in an online environment. If you’d like to know more about us or how to earn your high school diploma online, feel free to get in touch with us at We look forward to welcoming you into our family at Forest Trail Academy!

Homeschooling and it’s Advantage

Homeschooling is really an intensifying movement about the country and the entire world, during which moms and dads choose to educate their little ones in the home rather than transmitting the crooks to a conventional open or even individual school. Individuals choose homeschooling for many different causes, such as discontentment using the instructional available options, diverse non secular morals or even instructional philosophies, as well as the fact that little ones aren’t growing inside conventional school framework.

The homeschooling movement commenced rising within the 1970s, whenever some popular authors as well as experts, for instance David Holt as well as Dorothy as well as Raymond Moore, started talking about instructional change, that they encouraged homeschooling as a substitute instructional alternative. Using the Nationwide Home Schooling Analysis Start, these days there are over two thousand little ones becoming homeschooled within U.S., using the percent rapidly growing by 7 % to 15 % every year. Homeschooling is actually appropriate in all of the 50 says as well as in most unusual countries.

Do you know the prerequisites?

Legitimate prerequisites for homeschooling within U.S., changes from place to place. A number of says possess handful of or even simply no prerequisites; other folks obtain account testimonials or even standardized tests on selected time intervals.

As outlined by Holt, creator on the best-selling book Train your own personal, it is important moms and dads ought for homeschooling their little ones is actually “to just like them, appreciate their organization, their actual occurrence, their energy, foolishness, as well as love. They must appreciate all their speak as well as concerns, and enjoy equally trying to answer individuals concerns. Inches For the majority associated with moms and dads whom home school, the only real requirement is the wish for this, and also devotion for the instructional method.

Home school materials is usually high-priced, affordable or even free. Take care to never invest a lot you can’t modify training course when you remember to prepare money. You can understand as well as producing modifications. Make the most of most of these chances to be lent materials as well as to find some good free provides straight up to your residence school.

  • Multiple Matters
  • Animals & Animals
  • Computing
  • Health & Security
  • Home school-Specific
  • Internet Site Web hosting service
  • Language Disciplines
  • Math, economics, journalism
  • Science
  • Social Reports

Materials for residence educational institutions:

This site possesses internet areas for actual materials, curriculum as well as provides. Have the homeschooling as well as instructional for a lesser amount of. You might mail away for. Free of charge stuff that’s available on-line is actually under the relevant web site in other places with A to Z Home’s Cool. Utilize the website list or even website internet search engine proceeding to uncover free internet methods.

The Manthan School – Amazing Educational Ambience

The Manthan School offers path breaking services in order to provide a stimulating learning environment for kids. Further, the school program has been designed to support kids to achieve their potential to the utmost extent.

The Manthan school pays equal emphasis on various activities such as academics, sports, language, debates, theatre, dance and music amongst others. It also provides nutritious meals to children and desires to develop as the best available day care in Noida.

A desire to attain excellence is what drives the staff at the school. It focuses on holisticdevelopment of children and offers them state of the art facilities. The school is also renowned for its splendid infrastructure which is displayed below:
• Fine art studio (The Arty Fact Room)
• Acting studio (The Playhouse)
• Language studio (The Book House)
• Excellent class rooms
• Working walls
• Composite Lab
• Music and Dance Room
• Skates and skittles floor
• Basketball court
• Table tennis facilities
• Aerobics facilities
• Customized gymnasium for young kids.

Some amazing facilities which are capable of helping the Manthan School to evolve as thebest play school in Noida are displayed here:
The Acoustic Box: The Acoustic Box is a place where a student can display his/her concerns without an adult supervision. Further, one can listen to kids’ hearts’ vibrations through this sound box and provide them adequate help.

Chill-Out Zone: Students can enjoy, listen to music or play games at the chill out zone.

Sprinkler Park: Showers or fountains at Sprinkler Park provide artificial rain which is highly enjoyed by the kids.

The Green Globe: An open to sky atrium where kids can learn about beautiful flora and fauna.

The Manthan School is positioned to be affiliated to the CBSE board. Moreover, the primary classes’ curriculum is based on NCERT guidelines. Along with education, extra-curricular activities are also given prominence at the school. The co-curriculum of the school includes:
Art & Craft: Art and Craft is a major part of the school’s curriculum and helps intellectual, personal and social development of kids. These classes also help in enhancing creativity among children.

Music: Music education is important as it helps in evolving spatial intelligence and spatial-temporal skills in kids. Further, it also supports mental and social development of children.

Sports: Sports is necessary for physical strength and should be a part of kids’ life from a tender age. By including physical education, in its curriculum, the Manthan School has displayed its commitment towards kids’ fitness. Sporting activities helps in increasing muscular strength and stamina of children.

Dance: Dance education is also an essential part of the school curriculum. It’s an amazing form of cultural expression and help in developing physical, cognitive and social characteristics amongst kids. Various sorts of dance forms are taught at the school.

The Manthan School desires to help kids fulfill their maximum potential and develop as responsible citizens. The staff at the school focuses on creating the leaders of tomorrow. Due to awesome amenities and an amazing educational ambience, the Manthan School is poised to develop as one of the best schools in Delhi NCR.

Six Physical Education Games and Activities Your Elementary Students Will Love

The physical education games that are described in this article can be played at the beginning of gym class as part of a warm exercise, during the period wholly or partially devoted to games or physical education activities or at the end of class as part of cool down exercises.

In addition to the obvious benefits of providing good exercise, combating obesity and developing motor skills, the other skills that I wanted my students to demonstrate when they play these games are co-operation, sportsmanship and enjoyment.

Here are 6 examples of physical education games that my students and I enjoyed.

1. The Sheep And The Wolf

Formation: Two lines are drawn 20 to 30 feet apart. One student is the wolf and the rest are sheep. The sheep stand behind one line and the wolf stands in the center.

Aim: When the wolf claps his hands, the sheep try to run from one line to another without being tagged on the back. If they are caught, they become wolves. Only the original wolf can clap his hands to bring the sheep out.

2. Squirrels In The Trees

Have the class form a large circle and count off in three’s. Have two students, one being a fox and the other a squirreloutside the circle.

Have the one’s and three’s join hands forming an arch (or tree) with the number two’s in the middle as squirrels.

To start the activity, the fox chases the squirrel outside the tree. The squirrel runs into a tree to get away.

The squirrel in that tree must now run out of the tree and is chased by the fox. If the squirrelis caught, he becomes the fox.

Have all the squirrels squat down when they run into a tree so that all squirrels have a chance.

Have the other students that are trees change places with the squirrels so that everyone has a turn running.

3. Bounce Change

Have students form two lines (the red team and the blue team) behind two leaders about 15 feet apart. Each student in each line gets a number from 1 to the end.

Place a hula hoop at opposite ends of each team’s line. Place a blue ball in one hoop and a red ball in the other hoop.

When the teacher calls out a number, the two students with that number must run to a hoop, get their team’s colour ball and bounce it to the other team’s hoop.

in the meantime, the leader of each team, has their team form and sit in a circle. Once the student place the ball in the other team’s hoop, he returns and sits in his team’s circle. The first team all sitting gets a point.

The game continues with the teacher calling out a different number.

4. Stretched Baseball

Play this game on a baseball diamond or line up 4 bases about 10 feet apart with the first base being about 25 feet from home plate.

Divide the class into two teams, one team at bat and the other in the field. Each player gets a turn at bat instead of 3 outs.

Rather than a baseball, you can use a beach ball or T-ball for primary grade students or kick a soccer ball. If the fielding player throws the ball past home plate before the runner reaches home, the runner is out.

Count runs just as in baseball.

5. Club Snatch

Students are divided into two teams and numbered. The teams face each other with a club or similar object placed in the center between the two teams.

The teacher calls a number and that numbered student on each team tries to grab the club and get back to their postion without getting tagged. If the student succeeds, he/she earns a point for their team. The team with the most points wins.

Note: You can give 2 points for getting back safely and 1 point for tagging the player with the object.

6. Tail Snatching

Divide the class into 2 teams and place them a fair distance apart. Give each team, strips of coloured cloth, a different colour for each team. Each player sticks the tail under their belt and is not allowed to tie or hide it.

At the signal, the teams run toward each other and attempt to snatch off each other’s tails. Holding and fighting,etc. are not allowed.

After a few minutes the team that has the most of the other team’s tails is the winner.

Feel free to adapt or change these physical education games according to the needs of your class. Just be sure that you and your students have fun, and if you want more just go to my website.

Homeschooling Is A Beautiful Thing!

Homeschooling is a beautiful thing. Hard, but beautiful.

As a homeschooling parent, you have the freedom to weave your family’s values, your educational goals, and your children’s passions into the living journey of homeschooling. You get to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. You do not need to become entangled or even burdened with what the school down the street is up to, because you have the ability to design a program that is perfectly suited for not only each of your children, but your entire family as well.


To be a successful homeschooler you need a foundation, a plan, and sheer determination.



This is the most essential piece to the homeschooling puzzle.You need to lay a solid foundation for your children and your family.

  • What does your ideal homeschool environment look like?
  • What do imagine your daily routine to look like? How will the house run in the midst of your homeschool day?
  • Will your children help around the house?
  • What part will both you and your spouse play in their education?
  • Will you incorporate your faith into the school day?


If you are a new homeschooler, you should take a few days to consider what your foundation should look like. If you are a brand new homeschooler, understand you may laugh at your ideas a few months from now, but that should not stop you from laying an idea of your foundation.



It is true, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”The good news is, in homeschooling the plan is fluid and changeable. You do not need to stick with plans that are failing, but you do need a plan.

  • What grade levels are your children?
  • What subjects are required to be taught in your state?
  • What topics would you like to teach your children?

  • Will you design your own teaching materials or acquire them from a big curriculum company?
  • How long will your school day/year be?
  • Where will you find coaching, mentoring, and encouragement?


Sheer Determination

Homeschooling is wonderful, but it is also wonderfully hard. It is a huge undertaking to not only educate your child, but keep your home from falling apart simultaneously. There will absolutely be days when you question everything. There will be more than one day, week, or year that you fear that you are ruining your child’s education. This is normal.


Before you go any deeper into this thing called homeschooling, you should:

Determine that you will stay the course.

Determine to never quit out of frustration. When those days come that cause you to believe you should quit, decalre it a free play day, go to the library, visit a veteran homeschooler, or go to the zoo. Just determine to never quit out of frustration.

Understand that homeschooling is hard, but that just because it is hard does not mean you are unqualified. Honestly there is no one more qualified to teach your children than you are. You know their strengths, weaknesses, and passions better than anyone else.


Homeschooling can be extremely fun, rewarding and exhausting. It is worth every bit of effort to be able to see your child blossom into a curious learner.


If what you are currently doing is not working, go back and look at your foundation and plan. As a veteran homeschooler, I can assure you that it is very common for homeschoolers to go on tangents. It is also common to throw out topics or whole curriculums that are not a good fit for your family.


Change is good.


Homeschooling is good. It is not for everyone, but it is good!

Home Schooling Advantages Vs. Disadvantages

Home schooling is an option that is becoming more attractive to parents as time goes on. Schools have become increasingly unstable over the past couple of decades. Children roam the hallways unchecked, textbooks are outdated, violence is prevalent, children are bullied mercilessly, and the quality of education on the whole has greatly diminished.

What options do parents have to combat this downward spiral? Initially, private school was thought to be the answer. As enrollment in private schools soared many parents failed to see a difference between public and private schools. The problems were still the same.

The option of home schooling has been around for a long time; however, until recently it had not been so popular. The idea of home schooling seems like a cure-all to many parents due to the advantages this type of education provides over traditional schools. Children who arehome schooled can avoid many of the problems schools have become known for. For one, the environment is less threatening. Children can learn without fearing other students, aggressive or nasty teachers, and be under the constant supervision of parents. In addition, home schooling allows parents to dictate the academic course of their children. Home schooling also allows students to proceed at their own speed. If a child is weak at multiplication and division, a parent can focus lessons on those skills in favor of another skill that the child might grasp rather easily.

Home schooling is also advantageous because it keeps children away from other students that may be corruptive forces. There are many students in school who do not value learning. This is not any fault of the schools; however, it is still a painful reality. These students can lead to the destruction of a stable learning environment. Home schooling keeps children focused on learning and not on avoiding social pressures.

It may sound like the perfect option, but there are many disadvantages of home schooling. First of all,home schooled children are usually less socialized. While schools can sometimes be the breeding ground for poor social behaviors, school is also a place where students learn to interact with others and build social skills. It seems a bit like a catch 22.

In addition, another drawback to home schooling could be implementation of an educational plan. Many parents are not qualified as teachers and may not understand what is necessary to ensure a child has access to the proper curriculum.

Finally, another disadvantage to home schooling is the necessity for parents to take full responsibility for their child’s education. If you choose to home school your child there is no one for you to blame if your child does poorly. The responsibility falls completely on the parent.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to home schooling. Before you begin a home schooling plan make sure you have evaluated your ability to properly instruct your child and provide a quality learning experience. If you do not think you can handle it, you might as well send your child to school but become more involved with his or her education.

What is homeschooling ?

Self-teaching is the idea of instructing and mentoring kids at home, by folks, mentors and group parts. The idea follows its attaches to religious and good directions at devoted focuses. In the current perspective, Homeschooling has been upheld because of the requirement for a redid learning environment for each tyke. While creating a feasible and significant Homeschooling alternative at International Schooling, we investigated the accompanying with through examination and study:

Understanding the needs of distinctive youngsters : Every youngster needs singular thoughtfulness regarding flourish learning and advancement. A contemporary school environment could possibly have the capacity to give the same. With given space for each exercise, theme and subject on the loose, the onus lies essential on the kid to make up for lost time and adjust. By treating each understudy as an alternate individual, we can ad lib to give deeper and dependable understanding of ideas, hypotheses and basics.

Empowering ‘Critical thinking’ aptitudes : Homeschooling with International Schooling is ascribed towards empowering ‘Result Finding without anyone else present’. Our educational program and course material pushes both Induced and Derived learning. We broaden thefreedom to the understudies to touch base at results through their favored methodology. This involves a course structure that gives them revelation, certainty and faith in their capacities and techniques. The last point is to plan balanced people who exceed expectations in ‘Critical thinking’ at varsity levels and later on in their lives.

Succeeding adapting in a more recognizable environment : Research obviously shows that a more favorable learning environment can trigger the learning process and affect speedier and productive learning. Mix of music, feel and parental consultative are a portion of the parameters that have demonstrated immediate connection with learning and comprehension. Global Schooling enables this learning process by amalgamating a lot of people such parameters into its Homeschooling.

Positive intercession of folks in the learning procedure : Our Homeschooling advertises positive reconciliation of the capacities of folks and their kids. Such incorporation advertises talks and helpful contentions, in this manner invigorating the ‘Adapting by Discovery and Discussion’ model. Folks are given clear rules on the most proficient method to push fascinating and compelling discourses with their wards. Also, we expect to find better worldwide practices through guardian gatherings and online journals.

Assistance of committed and altered learning : Pace, Mode and Method of learning have an immediate effect on the adequacy of learning. Great understudies deal with these three greatly improved than generally others. An altered equalization of these is instrumental in making the International Schooling Homeschooling a superior and sounder alternative.

Disadvantages of Home Schooling

If you are concerned about the education your child is receiving at either a public or private school, you may have considered the option of home schooling. There are many advantages to home schooling that are easy to think of, but in making your decision you must also consider the disadvantages. Yes, despite all the bonuses you can think of in home schoolingyour child, there are many disadvantages to the process.

Home schooling is a process that requires a massive amount of time and dedication. If you want to home school your child you must be present for a large part of the day. Kids are kids. Depending on how motivated by academic success your child is, he or she may not require constant supervision. However, in many studies, parental supervision is the key behind the success of home schooling programs.

Parents must also possess instructional skills or access to someone who can teach effectively. Simply putting your child in a room with textbooks will most likely result in home schooling failure. In addition, you will have to purchase materials that public and private schools provide for students.

There is also the need to be able to serve as guidance counselor as your child may require specialized instruction due to a learning disability. Public and private schools usually provide these services with qualified individuals.

One important benefit of an academic institution is the opportunity for children to become properly socialized. Attending school with other children from all walks of life leads to the development of social skills. One of the disadvantages of home schooling is the relative isolation children have from their peers.

Many parents find comfort in blaming the educational system for the shortcomings in their child’s academic performance. If you choose to home school you will be accepting full responsibility for the outcome of your child’s education. This is more of a burden than it seems. Studies have shown that many home schooling ventures fail due to the fact that the home generally lacks qualified educators. Many parents have gripes about teachers, but the fact is that they generally have to teach large classes filled with children with diverse learning needs. In addition, certified educators have taken teaching classes and have passed state examinations to receive their teaching certificates.

When you approach the issue of home schooling you must examine both sides. Sure, there are plenty of advantages, but if you forget to look into the disadvantages, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

Easy Tips To Help You With Homeschooling

Our life is a process of learning new things all the time. Schools are designed to teach us most of what we need to know, but sadly they do not always live up to our expectations. Homeschooling can be hard, but this advice can help you through it a positive way.

Know what your state requires of homeschooling programs. Minimum number of homeschooling days, for example, can vary from state to state. A lot of states have curriculums, but you might have to put something together yourself. It’s best to use the local curriculum if possible.

Homeschooling can pose some issues if your other son or daughter is young. You must set aside different times of the day for each of your children. Find activities which are age-appropriate for both children. Any activity that doesn’t interfere with development is a great idea.

Work art projects into topics besides art itself. Have your kids do an art project about each thing you learn about. They can sculpt, act, sing – the limits are only your imagination! The more active your children are while they are learning, the more that total immersion will help the lesson to stick in their minds.

Make sure you do some research before jumping into homeschooling. The Internet is a vast source of unique and interesting insights and resources and offers ideas for practically every aspect of the homeschooling experience. Regardless of how much this idea appeals to you, you have to make sure that you have the energy, time, and money to provide your children with the best education.

Get in touch with the state Homeschool Association to discover laws and guidelines you have to follow. There are some states that allow you to be a ‘private school’ and there are other places that want to test your children through the state. You should be in touch with the local school district about your homeschooling plans, also.

Make a list of the positives and negatives of public school and then do the same for homeschooling. This list can guide you as you develop your lessons so that you can make sure that your children are learning everything that that was missing at public school. It will start to become a list of various things you need to avoid so you’re able to stay focused on their learning. Make sure that you store this list and look back at it when necessary.

When homeschooling, it is just as important for the parent to learn as it is for the child. Reading this article and others like it will ensure that you are the best teacher possible for your children. You will be sure that you will be giving your kids a great homeschooling experience.

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Developing A Homeschooling Curriculum

If you’ve got simply created the choice to home school your kid then your next important step should be to find and develop your homeschooling course of study. There are variety totally different of various} homeschooling curriculums on the market every with different designs. Several oldsters evaluate over one course of study and combine them to develop a course of study they feel is well matched for his or her child’s learning style. It should take it slow to switch a certain homeschooling course of study, however this is often fine as a result of if you’re getting to home school for the future than having a well suited curriculum is incredibly important. Conjointly because the parents become responded to the modification of the homeschooling course of study becomes easier.

The different types of curriculum sometimes are available in one in every of two varieties, fullpackages or partial packages. For parents who feel there kid desires strict structure to find out than they might purchase an entire package. The plain advantage to those packages is it’ll define each program, as well as faith, and reporting procedure that the parent is legally responsible for. The foremost disadvantage would be that the value is incredibly high and there’s no guarantee that the program is well matched for the kid. Parents that have homeschooled for a short time, sometimes try and mix some partial packages into an entire package over time. This permits them time to determine their child’s learning vogue, further as their own teaching vogue, whereas they need the flexibleness to combine and matchprograms from totally different homeschooling curriculums into one they’re comfortable using.

Great thanks to begin to develop a course of study for your kid are to get course of study guides. There are several terribly careful outlines of virtually each program obtainable. These guides define every program with potential upsides and disadvantages for everyone. It’s the parent’s responsibility to make your mind up that program from that course of study can work best for his or her kid. The advantage of developing a course of study this way is that the price savings additionally as having input on the design within which your kid can learn. The disadvantage is that the parent should remember of necessities the wants the necessities their jurisdiction puts on homeschooling and it’s their responsibility these requirements are met. Additionally in following this combine and match system the parents are also responsible for decisive the reportage procedure which could not forever be as clear once programs are fused along from multiple homeschooling curriculums.

So once parents have decided to home school their kid, they need an awfully necessary call to make. Developing a homeschooling curriculum that may keep their child’s attention and stimulate learning is imperative if parents expect to be successful.

Home school versus formal education

The debate among many people is whether homeschooling kids is better than formal education. The former would be fruitful if home school is done the right way. Children adopt a customized curriculum provided by their parents whereas in a private school, they are forced to learn whatever is taught by the teachers. Each child is unique and the style of learning differs from one child to another. Some children are good at grasping information from textbooks and a theory based method would be useful for them but some of them prefer practical method of teaching where it’s easy for them to remember and this kind of an approach is also more interesting to them.

Parents who home school their kids should provide a more pleasing and healthy learning environment for their kids. Apart from academics, children learn to bond with their family, which is an advantage in home school. Good habits can be instilled in them. Apart from concentrating on academics, children have ample time to develop their talents. Everyone learns from each and every task that we do, whether it is routine or a onetime task. Children can go for music classes, swimming, skating etc. They can do well in their academics as well as extracurricular activities whereas there is a time constraint in private schools. Some schools demand children to be more focused on academics than extracurricular activities, as they need more grades.

More often when parents weigh the options of home school and formal education, one major issue is that kids don’t get an opportunity to socialize if parents home school them. At school, children can play together and participate in competitions. It’s easy for them to socialize but peer influence can change the attitude of your kids easily and it’s difficult for parents to know if their kids are being influenced in the right or the wrong way. Children can always interact and get along with other kids who are being homeschooled by their parents. They tend to become more co operative and disciplined. Kids who are homeschooled will get more attention and discussing about their academics and extracurricular activities becomes easy, as children feel more comfortable in such an environment.

Sending your child to a private school is expensive. Course fee, educational trips, projects, cost of resources, transportation are expensive whereas when parents home school they know what exactly their children need and based on that they can buy the required materials. When your kids join the other homeschooled ones, educational trips will be less expensive and sometimes you need pay even a penny. Some people believe that children who are being home schooled will have difficulty in getting college admissions which will lead to less number of career opportunities but that’s not true as most colleges prefer homeschooled children as they are more disciplined and self motivated to learn new things. In home school, every parent struggles to get their children in the right track in the beginning but ultimately they learn how to home school their kids.

Sports as a Preferable Career Option

Glamorous as well as Highly Paid
Sports is one of the best career option in the world. This is very glamorous, reputed and highly paid profession which need lots of hard and routine work. As we talk about sports as career option, we only think about Boxer Floyd Mayweather, Indian skipper Mahinder Singh Dhoni and all the famous highest-paid athletes and coaches.

Medal Performance
Sports was considered as a hobby in India but now it is a career option. Beside cricket, medal performance in wrestling, badminton, boxing, etc at Conman Wealth Games and 2012 London Olympics as well as with F1 coming to India is raging among the youth. Educational institutes are also encouraging sports among students. Many of them has introduced sports quota in admission process.

But along with these sports players there are many more career option. These professionals get very less chance to come in front of the camera but form behind these people are real the strength of the sports players.

Physical Therapists
Sports as career option includes Physical therapists are highly-educated, licensed health care professionals who gives first ads to the sports players. There are many teams employ full-time physical therapists. The median salary of Physical therapist is Rs 45,60,000.

Statistician is an expert in the preparation and analysis of statistics. Sports analytic is a growing profession these days. Medain salary Rs 43,80,000. Sport Psychologist focus on mental preparation for top performance. The median salary of Sport Psychologist Rs 41,40,000.

Sports Agents and PR
Sports agents negotiate contracts and endorsement deals, median salary Rs 39,00,000.Public Relations Manager protect and promote the image of professional athletes and teams. The median salary is Rs 34,80,000. Advertising Account Executive: Sporting events offer some of the top opportunities in advertising. Median salary Rs 27,00,000.

Event Coordinator
Event Coordinator take care of management, media, seating and many other behind-the-scenes necessities of sporting events. The median salary of event coordinators is Rs 27,00,000. Photojournalist is practice of communicating news by photographs, especially in magazines. Many sports organizations hire their own staff photographers. Median salary Rs 17,40,000.

A coach is a person involved in the training, direction and instructions of the operations of a sports team or of individual. Expert coaches make high salary but many coaches earn very low wages working in schools. Some of them also work as a part-time. Median salary Rs. 16,80,000.

Physical Education Teacher
In India, sports education has been made compulsory by the government as Physical Education. As it is mandatory in all school, colleges and universities, so for education purpose there is always need of teacher. So a physical education teacher is good career option in sports. A teacher of physical education teach about diet and physical fitness.

Sports Journalist
A sports journalist is one of the best career option in sports as well as in journalism course. Though, they need to struggle a lot but they really enjoy life as they travel across the globe to cover matches and tournaments. This is a highly paid job with great fun. A sports must be specialist in one sports and should have knowledge about other sports.

Custom Written Thesis Topics in Education

If you are seeking a master degree in special fields, you definitely have to present a special interest towards them. For example, education is a difficult domain and preparing yourcustom written thesis can be a solicitant task. There are different topics that you can choose for your custom written research papers such as special or secondary education, education technology, physical or elementary education, alternative methods of education and many others. Below you are able o find some of these topics appropriate for any customized term papers.

Choose Your Thesis Topic

The followings are some of the best custom written thesis topics helping you to create some exclusive research papers.

  • Special Education: You can choose your customized term papers on history, reflection or teaching of special education. Through your custom written thesis, you can debate subjects such as education systems, education of children who are different, special services offered for students with special needs and others. All these themes can also include psychological aspects of special education.
  • Secondary Education: Your custom written research papers can approach themes such as free high education, careers in secondary education or educational egalitarianism in America. Any of your customized term papers based on this topic can also treat custom written thesis subjects such as secondary education systems and how the actual economical situation influence secondary education.
  • Education Technology: Usually this customized term papers topic is ideal to develop research papers on educational technologies in mathematics or physics. Your custom written thesis should also treat the positive effects of technologies and the key-issues in modern education.
  • Physical Education: Your custom written research papers can debate custom written thesis subjects such as physical education in first grades, secondary schools or the importance of physical education class. Using these custom written thesis themes, you are able to develop interesting custom written research papers treating as well the motivational fact of physical education.
  • Elementary School customized term papers debate custom written thesis subjects such as observation reports on children, elementary school teaching methods or programs. Your custom written research papers can also include custom written thesis themes such as internet accessing or cell phone usage in schools.
  • Alternative Methods: Any custom written thesis can treat alternative dispute resolutions in schools and alternative or complementary schooling methods. Custom written research papers debating this custom written thesis topic should concentrate on schooling alternative methods helping students to complete their education, such as online programs are.
  • Education Administration: Your custom written thesis is able to debate interesting subjects of this topic such as bilingual education programs, immigration and education issues, and distance vs. traditional educational forms. Your custom written research papers can also include how schooling programs can influence generations of students.

All these custom written thesis subjects are few of the best topics presented by educational field. Your custom written research papers can successfully debate some more interesting themes such as reading and writing, math and science, multi-age education, educational psychology or education policy.

Bowling in Physical Education Class

Bowling in physical education class is a fun way to teach kids cooperation and coordination skills.  Physical Education bowling is different from regular bowling in many ways but the biggest difference is the equipment that is used.  Regular bowling balls and pins are not used.  What is used are rubberized plastic or foam balls and plastic or foam pins.  The balls that are used can weigh from 1.5 lbs to 5 lbs depending on the material they are made of.  These ball are made for physical education class only.  They are not made to be used at a real bowling ally.  Bowling physical education programs are recommended for grade levels 3-5.

There are a couple ways to play.

One way is sort of like soccer.  First you set up teams of about 5 depending on how many students you have.  Each team will have 4 rovers and 1 pin keeper.  The rovers stay out of the pin area and they use the balls to try to knock down the opposing teams pins.  They pass the ball and shoot by rolling the ball on the ground. Tossing or throwing the ball is not allowed.  The rovers also can block the opposing teams passes or shots using their feet or hands.  The pin keepers stay in the pin area and try to protect their pins and also pass the balls back to their team mates.  The game starts with pin keeper passing out the balls to their rovers who begin the game on their half of the court. The game ends when all of one teams pins are down. (See diagram below)


  • Players must roll the ball to pass (no throwing the ball)
  • Rover can only take 2 steps with ball in hand
  • Rover can not enter the pin area
  • Players are aloud to block passes or shots with hands or feet
  • Pin keepers can arrange the pins anyway they want
  • Adult supervision required

Items Needed:

  • Bowling Pins
  • Bowling Balls
  • Scrimmage Vests


You can play the way above or you can play with a bowling lane just like real bowling.  With this type of bowling you will want to get a bowling lane.  This is played just like regular bowling where you keep score with the number of pins knocked down.  You can also include strikes and spares.  The number of frames in regular bowling is 10 but you can modify this number to adjust for time constraints also if you have players taking turn setting up the pins.  Buying a backstop would be a good idea for this game.  The back stop will keep the pins in the same area so it will be easier to pick up the pins that are knocked down. You really have full creative control over this type of bowling to fit the number of students and time that you have.


  • (No throwing the ball)
  • Take Turns
  • Adult supervision required

Items Needed:

  • Bowling Pins
  • Bowling Balls
  • Bowling Lane
  • (Back Stop optional)

The value of Physical Education to keep Healthy

Physical education is the parts of awareness that will eventually compel our achievement. It creates a consciousness to become physical fit in our life. It refers to this condition where a person has developed great strength, speed, strength, etc. Physical fitness is essential to lead a happy, energetic and abundance life. The mind, body and strength, are all related and studying how they work together and how to concern for them can keep us from avoidable suffering. It is the all growth of the behavior of a person or wholesome progress of human individuality and it leads physical, mental, social, emotional and moral aspects to make a person a good civilian who makes role in development of the nation. In shortly, physical education indicates making a person physically fit, mentally alert, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, morally and spiritually right up.

Physical education is essential during childhood for good growth and development. Children who are enrolled in physical education typically receive education on health, including nutrition. Children then start to know that when they eat healthy they have better quantity of energy to expend in games and sports. Children begin to learn that eating healthy is a lifestyle and can have a positive impact on the growth of skeletal and muscular system. They learn to be proud of their impact on growth through their food choices, and can lead to become adults with healthy habits. Today, children spend many hours in school and extracurricular activities that fill a large majority of their time. It is essential to have a good physical education that needs our children to be active.

Physical education provides to adulthood to keep their good health and fitness. To prevent and treat various diseases and disorders in our old age, physical education can be a vital part in our life. Physical education teaches various physical activities that can be practiced today such as motor skills in games and sports of volleyball, tennis, swimming, teaches us the value of ethical behavior in sport situations. The Physical education is also important for the average drop of energy, emotion, excitement or frustration, and some people leave their extra steam by participating in various sports and games which are part of the physical education.

Physical education is a good adaptation to group living. It offers many opportunities to develop characteristics such as cooperation, respect for others, loyalty, sportsmanship, self confidence etc. All these qualities help a person make him a good citizen. It develops an understanding and appreciation of the local and worldwide environment. By participating in various physical education activities such as dance, sports and games, quite a person understands the history, culture, tradition, religious practices, etc.

Physical education is an important inspiration to participate in many activities such as sports and social work will make a better person and be healthy. There are many programs and institutions that actually give us all kinds of training, courses and projects, where we can learn many important things about physical education. We should take adequate step to learn proper physical education in our life.

The Importance of Physical Education in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world. The country is not developed in Physical Education at all. There are a few government and private physical education colleges are providing Physical Education here. Furthermore, those colleges are given only Bachelor of Physical Education for limited number students. Most of the people are very poor and needy in the country, for this reason, they are not physically fit and healthy.  Only proper physical education can change the situation which offers peoples a chance to learn how to keep themselves healthy with life-long skills without expense money.

Bangladeshi peoples should maintain sound physical fitness to fostering real socio economic development. Our peoples need to be physically active to grow properly.  Regular physical activity increases our self-esteem, social development, weight control, stress management, plying skill development and academic performance ( Nieman, 2002).Physical education actively engages us to learn more skills and be more responsible for our body produce us to understand the importance of living healthy. Physical education is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. Physical education helps our peoples to maintain fitness, develop muscle strength, and increase our strength.

As a resident of Bangladesh, we need to create awareness about important health and nutrition issues. Physical education provides an excellent opportunity for all peoples to promote the benefits of healthy and nutritious food and cite the ill effects of junk food. Promoting sound eating practices and guidelines for nutrition are some of the very valuable lessons that can be taught through physical education. Physical education lessons about the importance of personal hygiene and importance of cleanliness. Thus the physical education help the peoples to know the important hygiene practices that must be practiced in order to maintain the health and well being throughout the life. In addition to this, the physical education also covers an important aspect that the children have to deal with at the age of puberty. Physical education also impart sex-education and hence help the peoples deal with their queries and doubts about the subject of sexuality.

Quality health and physical education programs can be life-changing for today’s young people in Bangladesh. Physical education can offer to our peoples a well-rounded opportunity to develop their bodies and minds to gain skills that will propel them to success in both the physical and other aspects in life. Quality physical education programs are needed to increase the physical competence, health-related fitness, self-responsibility and enjoyment of physical activity for all peoples in Bangladesh so that they can be physically active for a lifetime (Kamal,2010).

Physical education can influence moral development by improving right judgment mentality in our peoples. They have the opportunity to assume leadership, cooperate with others, question actions and regulations, and accept responsibility for their own behavior. Physical education instills a stronger sense of self-worth in children based on their mastery of skills and concepts in physical activity. They can become more confident, assertive, independent and self-controlled.

Williamsburg Northside a Brooklyn Elementary School Introduces physical and health education classes

Williamsburg Northside Lower School, a Brooklyn elementary school, offers various health and physical education classes for its students. According to the school, the purpose of the physical education program is to empower the Brooklyn elementary school’s students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life.

Becoming a physically educated person is a developmental process that begins in early childhood and continues throughout one’s life. The physical education program offers fundamental movement skills in the area of body awareness, spatial orientation, relationships, object manipulation, games, and sports. Principles of good sportsmanship, as well as respectful competition and safety in the gymnasium are emphasized throughout the year. These programs vary according to age groups and grades.


The program emphasizes body and spatial awareness, locomotor and non-locomotor skills. Its aim is for children to feel enjoyment and confidence in themselves and their abilities. Goals and activities include:

  • Locomotor skills—hopping, skipping, jumping
  • Non-manipulative skills—balancing, rolling, stretching
  • Manipulative skill—dribbling, volleying, collecting
  • Cooperative games
  •  The ability to demonstrate healthful practices such as washing hands, covering one’s mouth when coughing or sneezing, and brushing and flossing teeth.

First grade:

First grade builds on the skills already learned, with a greater emphasis on manipulative skills. Students of the Brooklyn elementary are also given an opportunity to explore stationary and moving balance as well as health and fitness concepts. Goals and activities include:

  • Experience with manipulative skills such as throwing, catching, volleying, and dribbling
  • Striking with implements—rackets, bats, hockey sticks
  • Introduction to health-and-fitness topics such as the food guide and physical activity pyramids
  • Understand how behaviors such as food selection, exercise, and rest affect growth and development.

Second Grade:

Second grade involves increased interaction between traveling and directions, levels (high, medium, low) and pathways (curved, straight, zigzag). Goals and activities include:

  • Circus arts—juggling, spinning plates
  • Bowling
  • Chasing, fleeing, dodging
  • Kicking and punting
  • The ability to demonstrate the use of interpersonal skills to enhance health

Third Grade:

Third grade builds on the curriculum by working toward demonstrating the mature form of moving in selected combinations of locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills. Goals include the ability to:

  • Identify movement in terms of effort (how the body moves), space (where the body moves), and relationships (with objects, people or both).
  • Know and apply principles and components of health-related fitness.
  • Begin to demonstrate mature form in various skills.
  • Develop injury prevention and management strategies for personal health.

Fourth Grade:

Although health issues are integrated throughout the elementary years, they are formally discussed beginning in fourth grade.

1)      Motor: Small-sided games—that is, few players per team—are introduced in fourth grade.

Students use cooperation and problem-solving skills to accomplish group or team goals.

Goals include the ability to:

  • Respond to winning and losing with dignity and understanding
  • Experiences with increased interaction between locomotor skills, non-locomotor skills, and manipulative skills
  • Understand strategies related to offense and defense


2)      Health: In fourth grade there is a deeper look into the influence of culture, media, technology, and other factors on health. Health is influenced by a variety of factors, including the cultural context as well as media and technology. Students of the Brooklyn elementary school use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to analyze, evaluate, and interpret the influence of these factors on health. The goals include:


  • Describing how culture influences personal health behaviors
  • Explaining how information from school and family influences health
  • Describing ways technology can influence health
  • Explaining how media influences thoughts, feelings, and health behaviors

Fifth Grade:

1)      Motor: Fifth graders begin identifying muscle groups when performing specific actions and applying movement concepts using speed variables. Goals include the ability to:

  • Recognize and communicate feedback
  • Understand fitness components related to cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance and flexibility
  • Understand, respect, and appreciate individuals on the basis of their unique characteristics as well as their contributions to a group.

2)      Health: In fifth grade, the students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the five aspects of health —mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual—and the wellness spectrum—a scale showing possible health conditions from premature death to optimal health—and how they relate to overall health. The Brooklyn Elementary students also learn about the negative impact chemical substances can have on health. The program discusses tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs, as well as describes the differences between helpful and potentially harmful substances. Objectives include:

  • Identifying ways to cope with or seek assistance as necessary when confronted with situations involving alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs
  • Describing the cycle of growth and development in humans and other animal species
  • Using goal-setting and decision-making skills to enhance health

Physical Education Importance

Education in the care and development of the human body, stressing athletics and including hygiene is called physical education. Physical education is an important part of educational activity in which the main concern is with bodily movements and which takes place in an educational establishment. Physical Education aims not only at physical development but is also concerned with education of the whole personality of a person’s behavior, organic, aesthetic, neuromuscular, ethics and emotion etc.

Different people define physical education importance in different words:

1. Jackson R. Sharman points out that physical education is that part of education which takes place through activities, which involves the motor mechanism of human body which results in an individual’s formulating behavior patterns.

2. Charles A. Bucher defines physical education, an integral part of total education process, is a field of endeavour which has as its aim the development of physically, mentally, emotionally and socially fit citizens through the medium of physical activities which have been selected with a view to realizing these outcomes.”

3. Barrow defined Physical Education as an education of and through human movement where many of educational objectives are achieved by means of big muscle activities involving sports, games, gymnastic, dance and exercise.

4. According to Webster’s Dictionary Physical education is a part of education which gives instructions in the development and care of the body randing from simple callisthenic exercises to a course of study providing training in hygiene, gymnastics and the performance and management of athletics games.

5. Central Advisory Board of physical Education and Recreation defines Physical education as an education through physical activities for the development of total personality of the child to its fullness and perfection in body, mind and spirit.

Importance and benefits of physical education

Physical fitness is one of the most important factors for the living with a healthy lifestyle. Physical education promotes the importance of regular fitness activity in the routine and also helps the students to maintain their fitness, develop their muscular strength, increase their stamina and thus stretch their physical abilities to an optimum level.

In the present world, the world of technology, most of us are living inactive life style. We ride instead of walk, sit instead of stand and watches instead of participants. Such type of inactivity or sedentary life is damaging to mental and physical health. Thus, physical education is most important as a part of balanced healthy living.

1. Physical education is essential during elementary& secondary education for the proper

growth and development of student.

2. To maintain good health and fitness during adulthood physical education is very


3. During old Age, physical education is important to prevent and treat various ailments

and disease.

4. To prevent and treat various ailments and disease in old age physical education is very      beneficial.

5. It is important as it provides us the knowledge of our bodies from musculoskeletal,

physiological and biochemical point of view.

6- physical education aware we about our bodies from musculoskeletal, physiological and     biochemical point of view.

7. It teaches us various physical activities that can be practiced now in later life such

as motor skills for the games and sports of volleyball, tennis, swimming and so on.

8- We thought Value of ethical behavior in all part of life by physical education.

9. Physical education teaches us the importance of physical fitness and how to become

physically fit.

10. It is important for aesthetic reasons as by take part in physical fitness programs

like gymnastics and dance, beauty and grace in cultivated in the movement.

11. It is also important for catharsis reasons with mean releasing of energy, emotion,

tension or frustration and some people let off their extra steam by participating various

games and sports which are part of physical education.

This way physical education helps us in all parts of our life.

The Importance of Effective Physical Education Lesson Plans

As parents, teachers, and fellow Americans, we understand that the health of our future generations is at stake, and that all exercise, from preschool physical education to gym class for high school seniors is important. It is important for students, parents and teachers to understand the importance of having and implementing an effective lesson plan to facilitate of a good program. No matter what age group or grade level you teach, both you and your students will benefit by having an effective lesson plan. In general, a P.E. lesson plan is a “plan of action” so that you are prepared with a purpose and a strategy for the day’s activities,. An effective P.E. lesson plan will have the following information: A statement of purpose, also known as an objective The goals you plan to achieve The equipment you will need for each activity Step by step instructions for each activity An effective lesson plan will help you to prepare, manage, and analyze. In other words, it will help you before, during, and after. There are different types of lesson plans based on the age of the students. Preschool kids merely need a bit of structure and fun exercise since they are full of energy anyway. PElesson plans for elementary students should be stimulating for the body and mind; otherwise the students will quickly lose interest in the activity. High school students can be difficult since they are very susceptible to apathy. Competitive games are often the most effective for those with high hormone levels, which is why they should be encouraged to take part in at least one after school activity or organized sport. Prepare/Before With a lesson plan, you will have the equipment and instructions listed out so that you can have everything ready. Also, you will have goals and a purpose already laid out for why you are doing what you are doing. When you are familiar with the structure of your day, you can easily transition into the next activity without fumbling around for a new idea. Always plan more than you intend to accomplish with your students, just in case an activity does not work out as you planned. Manage/During: A step by step plan will give you something to turn to as you go. Oftentimes, instructions are forgotten or missed once we step in front of a group of blank eyes. With a plan, you can constantly check to make sure you are not forgetting any steps, especially if you are inventing a new game, or altering an old one. Also, if you have a plan put down on paper, it is easier to adapt and/or manage as necessary. You can keep notes about your plan and easily reference which activities were successful and which were difficult to plan. For preschool physical education, this is extremely helpful since it is much more difficult to convince young children to participate as a requirement. Analyze/After: After each class is over, you will be able to look back on your written plan and analyze what worked or didn’t work, take notes, and make changes for future classes. You can swap lesson plans with other teachers, and after school activity organizers as a way to expand your horizons and get fresh new ideas.

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Are you aware that the new U.S. government is intent on assisting single and stay-at-home mothers who are interested in pursuing their college degrees? Obama is offering “Moms Return to School” Government Scholarship Grant designed to help out mothers who want to pursue their college educations. Although a lot of fulltime moms do not know that this special educational grant exists, interested applicants will be better informed if they find out everything they need to know about this government scholarship.

The country’s economy may be in bad shape, but now is the perfect time to go back to school and get that college degree, especially for stay-at-home mothers. Once the economy bounces back to normal, as it usually does, you have already incurred the necessary skills and credentials by finishing your college education. You will then be prepared and properly equipped to get that dream job opportunity when it comes. Getting that education right now is the perfect timing for job opportunities that will be available once the country’s economy is back on track.

There are many kinds of Scholarships and Grants that are available now. The Federal Pell Grants is one of the first bills introduced by Obama. But now, this scholarship grant offers more funding than before, and this is suitable for students with low income. Instead of the monetary grant of only $4050, it has now been increased to a maximum of $5100, with the prospect of raising this amount some more in the future. This is one of the best ways to get that college degree, especially for single moms who want to go back to school. It is easy to apply for this grant, just choose a school that you want to go to, and be certain that this university or college offers the course or curriculum that you want to study. You can then fill out and submit the necessary deferral FAFSA form.

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Obama’s Back to School Program Offers Mothers Financial Aid and Free Scholarships

One of the most recent initiatives of US Government lead by President Barack Obama is the back to school program which offers scholarships to moms so as to encourage them to return to the classrooms. With the dire state of the US economy what is at most required is a change in the existing educational structure to make it more competitive and comprehensive. Where better to start than with moms whether stay at home or working, married or single. There couldn’t have been a better time to back to school than now for we are about to witness a historical change in the US economy. The US Governments ideology of women empowerment is reflected in this new initiative wherein with the change in the economic cycle women can demand better jobs with excellent remuneration and better terms. A better education will only help you move forward in your career and fulfill all your work ambitions.To summarize as to how the program actually works here are a few highlights:(1) Broaden the terms of the Federal Pell Grant so as to cover those with low earnings.(2) To increase the maximum amount of grant given to $5100 from $4050.(3) The program also covers distance learning and online study and is not restricted only to in classroom programs.In these trying times comes a ray of hope for all American women to grab this opportunity given to them by the government, make the most of this life changing opportunity by going back to schools, empowering and enlightening themselves and their families, for the tide shall change soon.

Obama’s Stimulus Package Includes Scholarships for Moms Going Back to School!

The stimulus package that the Obama administration has introduced is causing a lot of discussion these days. There is a special scholarship grant for low-income category students in this stimulus package. Many people believe that mothers will benefit the most from this particular grant and that’s why it’s even being referred to as Obama’s Scholarship for Mothers Program.This scholarship grant introduced by President Obama, has been instituted specifically to fit mothers’ unique needs. This program affords a wonderful opportunity to all those mothers who wish to continue their post-high school studies. And federal government is not alone in this initiative. There are many special interest groups and different companies that have joined forces to make this program a success. For those mothers who wish to avail this scholarship grant to study further, the good news is that they don’t need to pay any interest on this amount. However, the best thing about President Obama’s marvelous effort is that the scholarship money does not need to be refunded at all! So if you are a mother, now you can attend college, get the degree that you wanted, get a good job to support your family and all that on federal money. Isn’t that simply great?Another good thing about this scholarship is that most top-level schools and degree colleges of country are participating in it. So in most of the colleges, you can get an option of online courses which means you don’t even need to leave your kids and home to earn the degree.

Supporting your child back to school or starting school

With young children starting school for the first time or returning to school after the long summer break many parents will be turning their attention to what they can do to give their child a helping hand in their studies.

It is difficult to find fresh and exciting content that can be used to entertain and engage younger children.  There are books especially written for children, with bright coloured pictures, some have different material glued in to offer some tactile stimulus, and others have sounds built in to aid learning through auditory means.

However a book can be read a few times, and then may start to lose favour.  Also in our modern world with dozens of television channels with hundreds of programmes all geared towards young children, it can be difficult to captivate the attention of a younger child for any significant length of time.

One area that is starting to gain favour in schools is the use of Magazines and Comics to aid in learning.  Titles aimed at young children tick many boxes, as they are:

  • Written for younger children
  • A number are affiliated with programmes children are already familiar with e.g. Peppa Pig, Zingzillas, Waybaloo, Thomas the Tank Engine to name but a few
  • Feature stories
  • Feature make and do activities
  • Feature puzzles, quizzes and maths problems
  • Are fun, engaging and captivating.

As mentioned earlier these titles are starting to gain a lot of interest from schools, who will use these titles within their normal day to day learning through play lesson activities.  A learner can pick a magazine about their favourite TV show character, and read through stories (or read with a grown up/parent/teacher).

Subscribing to a Comic or Magazine

As well as schools using magazines and comics within their lesson plans, we have noted a substantial number of parents and guardians purchasing subscriptions to comics and magazines for their younger children.

Subscribing to a comic or magazine has many benefits including:

  1. The magazine arrives regularly, meaning the parent can schedule quality time with their child when each issue arrives
  2. The Magazine can be addresses to the child, engaging the child even more as this magazine has arrived specifically for them (remember when you were young and mail would arrive with your name on)
  3. Options of subscribing for 3, 6 or 12 months allows for the frequent changes in taste of the younger child, allowing the parent to switch to another title.

Top 10 Children’s Comics and Magazines

Compiled here is a list of the top 10 Magazines and Comics we sell to schools and parents through our Magazine Subscriptions superstore.

  1. KiCK! – Football magazine aimed at 6-12 year olds
  2. The Simpsons Comics – Full of comic strips, jokes and fun
  3. Spongebob Squarepants – dedicated to the animated series
  4. Beano – A household favourite for generations.
  5. National Geographic Kids – an exciting and interactive magazine for children
  6. Hannah Montana – Dedicated to the TV show, with behind the scenes looks
  7. Shout – Aimed at 11-14 year old girls
  8. Ben 10 – Dedicated to the animated TV show
  9. Jacqueline Wilson – Aimed at Girls aged 7 – 12
  10. Art Attack – Dedicated to the hugely popular TV show

There are many other ways to help your child develop, and support their school education.  Magazines offer a fresh source of content and activities that you can use to engage your child.  That is, after all, half the battle.

Scholarships for Moms to Go Back to School – Mother Scholarships and Grants

If you are a mom and are considering going back to school and money is your obstacle to study, then you are in the right place. You are about to learn how to increase your chance to get a scholarship for moms to go back to school. You are going to love this.

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Let me congratulate you on your decision to go back to school. You already know how important it is to have a degree. You are going to do just fine!

How to increase your chance to get a scholarship only for moms to go back to school

Fortunately there some websites that offer you the opportunity to reach your educational goals. The only action you have take is to fill out a simple form that will take you only 47 seconds of your time, but can really change your future and your life.

As soon as complete the registration, you will be taken to a page where you can get access to all kind of information and view all the options available from school offering online and campus courses.

Then you can request information about the courses and have the chance to win a $10,000 grants and scholarships for moms to attend the course you desire the most. Their draw dates occur twice every month.

These are scholarships only for moms not loans

Did you know that in each state there are millions of dollars worth in scholarships that nobody claims? You can use that money to finance your education and the best part is that you don’t have to pay it back.

5 Back to School Tips: How To Buy The Right Children’s Shoes


Buying footwear is no easy thing, and it’s even more difficult when we buy shoes for our kids. Childrens’ feet are constantly growing, and sometimes we have a hard time keeping kids in shoes that fit! Besides, shoes can be expensive, and many little ones already know what they like as regards their personal fashion style. But buying the right pair of shoes for your son our daughter is important because their feet need support to grow properly. Otherwise, they may experience physical problems as they get older, or just have sore feet.

It can be  hard to know when it’s time to buy new shoes, since kids don’t usually tell their parents when their feet are hurting, or if their shoes are getting holes in them. So it’s important to check their shoes reguarly to see if they are starting to show signs of wear and tear, such as ripped seams or worn down soles.

So that you can make the best choice in kids footwear, follow these 5 tips:

  1. Measure their feet. This is probably the most obvious, basic tip, however few people do this today. Just like in the shoe store when you were a child, you can still get your or your child’s feet measured in a shop. Today many people order shoes online because of the convenience and oftentimes lower prices. If you plan to buy online, you should invest in a foot measure to be sure you get the right size. When you measure, make sure the child is standing up straight. It’s also a good idea to measure at the end of the day, when their feet are bigger from swelling. Also, measure BOTH feet, as they may be different sizes, and it’s also a good way to check your measurements. Keep in mind that different brands measure sizes differently, so a pair of boots by Camper won’t be the same fit as a pair by Clarks or Citrouille et Compagnie.
  2. Quality is important. It may feel like you are throwing your money away for an item that your child will only wear for a year (or less during a growth spurt!), but when it comes to foot support and traction, not to mention the durability of the shoe’s upper itself, don’t skimp on quality. Good support is very important for kids’ feet, especially for those who love to run, jump, or practice sports. The same is true for the little ones just learning to walk! You should look for a shoe with a sturdy, rubber, textured sole. The material should be leather, canvas or nylon, and with a quality brand like Camper trainers for kids or even Geox, they will outgrow them before the shoes fall apart. And trust me, no child wants to be seen at school with holey shoes, not to mention they’re feet won’t be protected from the weather if they have holes or stressed seams.
  3. If you must buy them a little big, get inserts. Once you’ve got the right size from measuring, you can start trying on shoes or ordering them. If you order online, I suggest ordering two sizes, and returning one, as most online shops have free returns. But one great tip for dealing with a child’s constantly-growing feet is to use shoe inserts. You can purchase inserts separately or some brands already have them included. If the shoes fit perfectly with the inserts, then you simply remove the insert to create more space when their feet grow. This is an ingenious way to save time and money, and get more wear out of a pair of sneakers or high tops.
  4. Easy to put on and take off. Make sure the closure for the shoes is easy for the child to do themselves. This saves you time, but also makes the child feel more independent. Laces, Velcro or some other new system are all fine, as long as they keep the shoes on. It’s not a great idea to get slip on shoes for kids, as it makes walking more difficult for them, and they may even lose a shoe. The closure should beeasy to manage, but also provide support.
  5. What do they want? Kids are often very opinionated about their likes and dislikes, and the same is true when it comes to fashion. Even boys can be very particular about what shoes they wear. So it’s important to find something they like, but which is also super comfortable and has a great fit and premium quality. So when they try on shoes, listen to what they tell you, but check the sizing yourself as well to be sure of maximum comfort, and room to grow. There should be about a half centimeter of room at the back of the heel, and about a centimeter of room at the toes. Leather shoes like Camper may be a little more forgiving as the leather stretches with wear, but not enough that you can cheat. If the store doesn’t have the right size, you’ll have to look elsewear. Because when kids’ feet starting hurting, it’s only a matter of time before they have a total meltdown—every parent’s nightmare!

Obama Offers Scholarships And Grants For Mothers To Go Back To School

Money seems to be the main reason that mothers can’t return back to school. If you are in that situation, rest assured that you are not alone. Many moms today find themselves in those same circumstances today.

However, it doesn’t have to be an impossible dream. In fact, under the changes made through the Obama administration, there are better grants and scholarships available for moms. Returning to school can be a very realistic goal for mothers.

Mothers of all types – single moms, working moms, handicapped moms, online moms, busy moms – can take advantage of these new opportunities. The United States government is doing everything it can right now to help these moms return to school and get the college degree they want and need.

There are many things to consider about going back to school. First of all, a scholarships and grants do not need to be repaid. This is money that is given to you specifically for your education. Also, this money does not just have to go for tuition. It can be used for other expenses related to your education. The Pell grant amount has also been increased to $5,500 which gives moms even more money for their educational needs. Also, this can all be done through online classes, allowing moms to stay home, take care of their children and get their degrees!

The Obama plan makes everyone a winner by giving moms the opportunity to get more education, thus get better jobs, which will enable them to pay their billsand also have the self-esteem to pursue the career choices they have always wanted.